Mom and Dad, you can now say “I told you so!”

September 10, 2009

Several years ago my parents tried to teach me how to drive a stick shift.  I learned the basics, and even had a bit of practice driving out in our field.  Unfortunately, during one of those times of practice, I was backing up ever so slowly (about 2 miles per hour) and saw a tree behind me.  Me, being used to driving an automatic pushed on the clutch, but forgot the more important of the two pedals…the break.  Before I knew it, I had hit the tree.  From then on, I was determined that I would not drive a stick shift again.  My parents, in trying to encourage me to push past my mistake, kept telling me that I should try again.  “You never know when you will need to know how to drive a stick shift, because there won’t be an automatic vehicle available” they said.  I kept insisting that would never be the case.  Well, I am now eating my words, because I am in that very situation.  In Ethiopia, the only vehicles available for me to drive are, indeed, stick shift.  So, here’s to you Mom and Dad.  You can now say “I told you so”.  I’ll let you know how the process of learning again goes.  Should be interesting…. 🙂


3 Responses to “Mom and Dad, you can now say “I told you so!””

  1. Ralene said

    Yeah, I am the same way. I know how to drive a stick, but I hate it. Of course, if I ever want to get my dream car, I should get over that. lol…

  2. julie said

    ha. african driving. i guess i got off lucky when i drove there. i had an automatic van. but really…i hope you learn quickly. once you do learn to actually drive a stick, it’s a whole ‘nother world out there of craziness on the roads (: you’ll do great.

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