Adventure into Town

September 21, 2009

Currently, I am living about 12 miles outside of the city in one of the CMF apartments. It is so beautiful and peaceful out here, tucked into a plush green mountain area. The sunrises are just amazing! One of the downfalls, however, is that it is quite a feat to get into town unless I have a ride from one of the other missionaries, being that I haven’t started driving yet.  So, last Friday, I needed to get to town. I decided that I would give it a shot. That morning, before leaving, I was just praying that the Lord would provide a taxi for me to ride in with (out this far, taxi’s are hard to come by). I prayed, “Lord, please provide a taxi, and if you would provide in another way, please protect me.” I kind of thought of it as an adventure…just the Lord and I. Around 10:30 I headed out. I started the 10 minute walk out to the main road, and was greeted by several little Ethiopian children surrounding me, saying “money, money”, and then singing/chanting. It was really cute at first, but they just kept walking around me. I wasn’t quite sure what to do, so I just kept walking and smiling at them. Soon a little truck came our way, and the guy in it stopped and distracted the children so I could keep walking. I thought, “that was really nice of him”. I made it out to the main road, where there were 2 policeman. One asked me where I was going, and then asked if I was going by foot. I told him I hoped to catch a taxi. He seemed a bit surprised at that thought, and then said, “I will get you a house car.” Not sure what that meant, I just agreed. A few minutes later, the guy who was driving the little truck came back out to the main road. It was him and his wife in the truck. The policeman asked him if he would give me a ride into town, and he said “Of course!” So, I thought if he helped me out before with the kids, and he’s with his wife, it should be safe. Praying again for protection, I got in, and away we went. We had a great conversation on the way, and it turns out they are our neighbors. We exchanged phone numbers, and they invited me to come have coffee at their house sometime. So amazing to see how the Lord provides. We made it to the outskirts of town, and they showed me which taxi’s to head toward. The rest of the way to my destination was by taxi and about 2 miles of walking. I finally made it to my destination at around 12:30. What an adventure! It was fun to figure it out…just the Lord and I. I really loved being “in” the culture and having to communicate using what I know. It was also nice to know that I can do it if I need to…but not something want to do every day. I am hoping to be able to move into town in the next few weeks, which would make for much easier ways of getting around. I am praying that the Lord would work out the details of that. So, if you think about it, you could shout out a prayer for me.


4 Responses to “Adventure into Town”

  1. Brent & Melissa said

    We just got done praying for you and our other support will be in the mail tomorrow. We look forward to learning how God uses you over there as you make Him famous.

    blessings – Brent

  2. What a fun story! I can totally see you strollin down the road surrounded by little kids. beatuful! I mean the cute kids part, not the annoying begging for money part. love you. miss you!

  3. amy said

    Oh Jess! I wish I could see beautiful you journeying into beautiful Addis. 🙂 You are so, so, so missed and so, so, so treasured.

  4. Tom P said

    Jess, way to seek out adventure! It can be scary, but also exhilarating to experience the goodness of God. I’ll pray for that new relationship to develop. I hope you find your Father to be close to you as you long for the familiarity of home. Keep on in faith. Jesus will not leave you as an orphan in your new city.


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