October 6, 2009

Today has been a day that I have been praising the Lord for my life, and recognizing really what a gift my life is. This morning, my teammate, Adrian, and I were headed to school just like any other day. We were on a road that is equivalent to a highway that surrounds the city. We call it Ring Road. As we were driving along, we were passing this large bus that began swerving a bit back and forth. This is something that we typically see, so it wasn’t a big surprise. We passed and kept on driving down the hill. Soon, we came to an area that is backed up almost every day. A policeman is stationed there each day in order to direct the traffic and to hopefully keep the area clear. Some days are better than others. Today the traffic was not too bad, so when we passed the officer he waved us on, but the mini-bus behind us had to stop. We proceeded about 50 feet where we stopped behind a soap truck and other cars waiting to get through the round-about ahead. A few seconds later, Adrian said “Oh no! He’s gonna hit us!” The next thing I remember was looking out my side window and seeing a big blue bus flash by, meanwhile crashing hard into several cars right beside me. There was a huge spray of glass and debris. I thought, “That should have been us.” The bus ended up being the one that we had passed previously. The brakes had gone out, and it couldn’t get stopped. The bus came barreling through at about 40mph. It hit hard the mini-bus that had stopped behind us, and then instead of going straight and plowing into us, it swerved to the right and crashed into several other cars. There is really no explanation for why the police officer let us go on, or why the driver of the bus swerved. It has been a bit shocking, and I am shaken up from it. It is hard for me to reconcile the fact that at least 2 people died (including the driver of the mini-bus), but it is completely a reminder to me that life is but a breath and that God can take it or save it at any time. He is the great I Am, and I am not. He is in control, I am not. I am comforted in knowing that God must have purposes for me yet, and just seeing His grace in it. Truly, it is a miracle. So, if any of you were praying for me between midnight and 12:30 CST last night, thank you!

I am trusting Him. It is only by His grace that I am here, and I am so thankful for this life I have. Please be praying for the families of those who were killed, as well as for those who were injured. Pray for the bus driver, as I am sure this is very hard for him. Pray for me as I process through this, and live past it. May I have people to process through it with, and may I remember His grace in it.


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