New Name

October 30, 2009

Each day it seems that I meet new people.  When they ask my name they try to repeat it, but it always comes out “Jestica”.  Here in Ethiopia, everyone’s name has a meaning, and they always ask, “What does Jestica mean?”  Then, I have to tell them that I don’t know what it means, and that in America we don’t always know the meanings of our names.  So, I decided to give myself a new Ethiopian name.  I found out that the word Desta means “happy” or “joyful”.  Perfect.  It sounds similar to Jessica, and I think it describes me pretty well.  So, now when I introduce myself to Ethiopians I start by saying Jessica, but then tell them they can just call me Desta. 🙂


2 Responses to “New Name”

  1. michelle said

    So i got curious to see if i could find you an answer…and this is waht had to say:

    The meaning of the name Jessica is God Beholds

    The origin of the name Jessica is Hebrew

    Alternate spellings: Jessika

    Notes: Name invented by Shakespeare for the daughter of a Jewish merchant in ‘The Merchant of Venice’. He probably derived it from Jesca (Yiska), the name of a minor Biblical character. Jessica Biel, actress. Jessica Simpson, singer. Jessica Tandy, actress.

    love you lady! 🙂

  2. michelle said

    and at this is what i found. 🙂

    Gender: Girl
    Origin: Hebrew
    Meaning: god sees

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