April 1, 2010

In my time here, I have met lots of people from many different organizations.  One couple I have met and have gotten to spend some time with, Eric and Corinne, are involved with a hospital called CURE.  They are based out of Philadelphia, and they have hospitals in several locations throughout the world.  Their primary focus is to help unreached people groups in any way they can, and also be able to share the Gospel with them (in word and action).  Eric is one of the 3 doctors that work at the one here in Ethiopia.  They specialize in club feet and cleft pallet surgeries.  I have also known them to work on burn victims and a variety of other deformities.  This ministry is really so great.  Corrine takes time several days a week to go and visit these people, love on them, and share about Jesus with them.  Many of them have come from the country-side and don’t know anyone in Addis, so it really means a lot to them that someone would come visit them in the hospital.  Corrine has such a heart for them. 

Last week I was able to go visit the hospital for the first time.  I loved getting to meet several of the patients, and really seeing how this ministry is changing their lives.  Also, some of our CMF missionaries from down country have brought in some patients to have surgeries.  I was able to visit with a couple of them (although communication was limited, as they speak a different language than Amharic).  It was just neat to see how different ministries can work together, and are working together to help each other share Jesus with the unreached people of this country.  Praise God for His Body, and how He brings us all together!


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