Going to the Country

April 1, 2010

Toward the beginning of March, I had the opportunity to go down to the country-side about 2 hours out of Addis.  I have a couple of friends who dig wells and teach others how to dig wells out there.  They work with an organization called Water for All.  It’s really a pretty neat thing.  The wells are made by materials that can be found here in Ethiopia, and they are designed to be easy to make.  This makes it possible for the nationals to learn how to make the wells and to actually be able to build them.  Also, each well is reasonably priced, the parts only costing about $50 US dollars.  It is awesome how something so simple and fairly cheap can totally change the lives of these villagers.  I came away with such an appreciation for what these guys do. 

Being out of the city was also so refreshing for me.  I really enjoyed the fresh air, the wide open spaces, and especially not having to hear the word “Freringe (foreigner)” all the time.  The people were so friendly, and the area was just beautiful.  My friend, Camden and I got to camp out in a tent, which I really love doing.  It was like a little camping trip!  We spent the evening hanging out in my friend Rob’s house playing Mafia and Catch Phrase in the dark (no electricity out there).  We even had a little adventure of trapping and killing a mouse.  I was a little grossed out by that.  I was glad I was staying out in the tent and not in the house.

I really enjoyed being out of the city.  It was a good break for me, but I also realized that I am definitely where I’m supposed to be.  I’m a city girl at heart.  I just don’t think I would last too long in the village.  I should be careful, though.  I don’t know what God may call me to in the future.  🙂


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